What Make Us Different?

You don't have to move contracts, FMO's, BD's, "fly out" or jump through any other hoops to use the 2Objects system.

You can begin using the 2Objects system today and it works with whatever products you use...managed money, stocks, bonds, annuities, mutual funds, REIT's...whatever you use in your practice - as long as it's in your clients' best interest.  In fact, Selling Power magazine ranked it one of the top 15 selling systems in the nation ...more

A Selling System that both your bank account AND your BD or Compliance department will love.

What is your compliance department most worried about? Full Disclosure. This system leverages full disclosure in a manner that has been proven to be both compliance friendly and effective at bringing on new clients and closing business ...more

2 Advisors using the 2Objects marketing and sales system averaged an increase of 312% of their "prior to joining" year's production.

Named One of America's Top 15 Sales Systems Zero hoops to jump through 312% average increase of production by your third year

“How To Market To
Middle Class Millionares”