About the Creator

Mike Kaselnak spent 6 years in the US Navy as an instructor in the Submarine Nuclear Power Program. Upon leaving the Navy, he became a management sales trainer for Best Buy. He actually worked side-by-side for 3 years with Best Buy’s CEO Brian Dunn. Tired of working retail hours, he finally settled into tying his two passions together, marketing and finance.

After ten years of struggling as a financial planner, never making more than $50,000 a year, Mike finally sat down to build a selling system that would take him to extraordinary success. He began recording all of his sales meetings and patiently fixed one problem at a time until he had built a 3 meeting sales system that worked. His income went $50,000 to $350,000 the first year to $650,000 the 2nd year to $957,000 the 3rd year of using his system…all in a town with only 12,000 households to market to…surrounded by 1½ hours of farm land in every direction.

After being recognized nationally for building his financial practice, he was encouraged to bring his system to Financial Advisors nationally. He then franchised his financial planning system to over 150 financial planners nationwide. Within two years, his 150 advisors were generating $332 million a year in new sales. Mike’s sales system was further recognized by Selling Power magazine as one of “America’s 15 Most Effective Sales Systems,” along side the likes of United Parcel Service.

In 2006, Mike invented an automated handwritten note marketing system. This web based system incorporated the ability to write a single handwritten note and have it sent to thousands, with the authenticity of the original handwritten note. He sold this company in 2008 to a large financial marketing company.

Mike then set his sights on once again creating a fully integrated marketing and selling system that was both fool proof and ALWAYS put the client first. Through his years of coaching he found that the best… and fastest way to grow a thriving practice is to create a full disclosure mentality.

Bucking industry norms he not only re-created the marketing and selling system that made him and his students so successful. He did it with two major improvements:

  1. The system is now accessible to ANY financial advisor without having to change their Broker Dealer or Marketing Organization.
  2. The system is now fully computerized making it simple, fast and easy for any advisor to use-- while still giving advisors access to real coaches on a weekly basis essential to helping them succeed.

When he is not developing new tools for successful financial advisors to use, he is a prolific writer being quoted in several national journals including Kiplinger’s, WSJ, Trump University, Marketing Maestro, SalesVantage.com, New York Times, Wealth, Bull & Bear Magazine, Financial Advisor Magazine and Your Money Magazine on issues dealing with advisors and their clients.

Mike lives with his wife and two school age boys in Rochester, MN. When not creating new marketing tools for his clients, Mike coaches lacrosse, plays ultimate Frisbee with his faster and younger sons and friends, and is active with several local charities.