The Cost

What Does cost?

You simply pay us a monthly membership fee of $500. No contracts to be moved and you can cancel at any time.

We have broken with the industry standard of making you write your business through a particular company or moving your FMO or Broker Dealer in order to get access to their supposed and advertised "great marketing system."

If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you know that once you move your insurance contracts or BD to get access to the "secret" marketing system… you find that it is lame or not good enough for you to have jumped through all those hurdles.

We are the only coaching, marketing and sales system out there that does not play that game.

We stand on the value of what we bring to you. You aren’t stuck with the hassle of moving your business or contracts or settling for lower payouts… you remain a member only as long as you think we provide benefit to you.

You get access to:

  1. Our proprietary Epidemic Marketing System
    • Monthly client and prospect newsletter done for you ($360/year)
    • Monthly client and prospect email done for you ($180/year)
    • Monthly Public Relations piece done for you ($180/year)
    • Monthly CPA and Attorney "drip" piece done for you ($695/year)
    (Annual combined systems retail value: $1,415)
  2. A simple to use software system
    (Retail value: $795)
  3. A 3-meeting sales process
    (Retail value: Priceless)
  4. Client review system
    (Retail value: $195)
  5. A unique step-by-step course on how to use Morningstar software the exact opposite way everyone else uses it
    (Retail value: $250)
  6. Weekly Coaching Webinars which are archived for your convenience
    (Retail value: $1200)
  7. Access to audios and videos of the actual meeting process and how to overcome common (and some not so common) objections
    (Retail value: $370)
  8. A Tax Preparation Marketing system
    (Retail value: $795)
  9. Small Business Pot of Gold System
    (Retail value: $395)
  10. Total retail value: $6,910

Plus many more items. This is just a summary of what you get as a member of 2Objects.

Read more detailed information of all the tools you get as a member.

As stated before—You do NOT have to move contracts or write any business through 2Objects… in fact, it is not even possible to write any business through 2Objects.

What that means to you, is that you now have access to the most successful marketing and sales system (much copied, never duplicated) ever created for the financial industry and stay right where you are, right now.

And remember, you can cancel at any time.  You remain a member only as long as it helps you make more money... all of this without having to move any insurance contracts, your FMO, or your Broker Dealer.

  • You do NOT have to move contracts or write any business through 2Objects. In fact, it is not even possible to write any business through 2Objects.