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For just $500 per month (and remember you can cancel at any time), you get access to:

  1. The White's of Their Eyes, no-risk marketing system that puts you in front of 32 highly qualified prospects each and every month with no up front marketing cost, using your choice of our 3 separate, step-by-step marketing systems.
  2. Our proprietary Epidemic Marketing System
    • Monthly client and prospect newsletter done for you
    • Monthly client and prospect email done for you
    • Monthly Public Relations piece done for you
    • Monthly CPA and Attorney "drip" piece done for you
  3. A simple to use software system
  4. A 3-meeting sales process
  5. Client review system
  6. A unique step-by-step course on how to use Morningstar software the exact opposite way everyone else uses it
  7. Weekly Coaching Webinars which are archived for your convenience
  8. Access to numerous audio and videos of the actual meeting process and on how to overcome common (and some not so common) objections
  9. A Tax Preperation Marketing System
  10. Small Business Pot of Gold System

Plus many more items. This is just a summary of what you get as a member of 2Objects.
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  • You do NOT have to move contracts or write any business through 2Objects. In fact, it is not even possible to write any business through 2Objects.

  • Our suggested marketing plan gets you in front of 32 people every month with no up front marketing cost.