The System

As a member of you gain immediate access to an integrated online sales and marketing system for financial advisors and insurance professionals. You can cancel at anytime… no questions asked.

How you eliminate the “I need to think about it” objection

The system name “2Objects” comes from the very concept that has made it so successful for those advisors that have used it. It is sometimes called the Physics of Selling. Recall from your high school physics class, the law—2Objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

This is also the case in the financial industry. Two advisors cannot occupy the space of “primary advisor” to a client at the same time. This is important to understand for a number of reasons:

  1. Your best prospect has significant assets and knows the value of working with advisors.
  2. Your best prospect already has another advisor.
  3. People do not like hassles or confrontation.
  4. Leaving their current advisor is considered a hassle and confrontational by most people.

This is the reason so many of your best prospects take your great advice right back to their current advisor… giving you the dreaded, “I’ll think about it.”

Advisors using the 2Objects system instantly see their production shoot up by using the proprietary marketing and sales system specifically designed to leverage the above facts.

As an added benefit advisors using the system have seen less than 2% buyers remorse. Once business is placed… it stays on the books.

2Objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

In the same sense, two advisors cannot occupy the space of “primary advisor” to a client at the same time.

What You Get

Our proprietary Epidemic Marketing System:

  • Monthly client and prospect newsletter done for you (you can even automate these going out to your clients and prospects if you choose to)
  • Monthly client and prospect email done for you
  • Monthly Public Relations piece done for you
  • Monthly CPA and Attorney “drip” piece done for you
Our proprietary Epidemic Marketing System

A simple to use software system:

A simple to use software system that virtually walks the client right through the sale (regardless of the product you sell… more on that later).

Virtual sales system

A 3-meeting sales process:

A patent pending 3-meeting sales process that gives you the following percentages of success:

  • At the Agreement Meeting—You’ll disqualify 50% of your first meeting clients. "What did you say!?" Yep, we’re going to have you disqualify 50% of your first meeting prospects. This will decrease your workload by half… and as you’ll see, increase your success to 82% closure on the 50% that you actually prepare an analysis for.
  • At the Disclosure Meeting—Simply walk the prospect through the proposal prepared for you by the 2Objects Proposal System. This Point of Sale proposal presentation is designed around full disclosure.

    This is not only the most compliant system available today, but will have the client giving you all the reasons they cannot stay with their current advisors under any circumstances.

    They will be asking you to move all their money right then and right there... but you refuse to allow them to move their money to you! You don’t move the money until at least the third meeting. This does not lose you any clients. It is much more time efficient and it eliminates buyer’s remorse. 100% of these people move to the 3rd meeting

  • At the Implementation Meeting—Simply input your selected products into our proven point of sale presentation software to close your client.
Effective sales meetings
Effective sales meetings

Client Review System:

Client review system that will help you leverage your current client base by introducing advanced techniques that will produce large cases for you.

Advanced client review

Morningstar Software Training

A unique step-by-step course on how to use Morningstar software the exact oppoosite way everyone else uses it, to guarantee your close.

A proven tax system

Weekly Coaching Webinars:

The 2Objects marketing and sales system gives you access to the two top coaches (the guys that actually created the system and have tested it successfully for 10 years… not some guy hired to "coach" with no real experience or success under his belt) each week to answer questions and learn from the masters. These calls are archived on mp3 so that you may listen to them at your leisure and as many times as you choose.

Weekly Coaching Webinars

Multimedia archive

Access to numerous audio and videos on how to overcome common (and some not so common) objections, how to present specific products, breaking the meeting process into smaller bits, etc. You can learn at your own pace using these audios and videos or refer back to them to brush up your skills.

Multimedia archive

A Tax Preperation Marketing System

A Tax Preperation Marketing System that has produced over 50 new clients in a one month period.

A Tax Preperation Marketing System

Small Business Pot of Gold

Take advantage of 2Objects small Business Owners drip program. It takes just a few minutes a month to get yourself...and keep yourself in front of Small Business Owners. With this simple system, we’ll provide you with the necessary tools to make this happen smoothly each and every month. This positions you in the right place at the right time when they sell their business and need an advisor.

Small Business

How the Numbers Play Out

If you were in front of 32 new prospects...

(by any method you choose)

21 of the 32 prospects begin the 3 meeting process.

21 of the 32 prospects begin the 3 meeting process.


will go into Epidemic Marketing

Our propriertary Epidemic Marketing system nurtures a sense of urgency in these prospects and has them returning to you...and only you... when they are ready to buy beginning the following month.


will begin the 3 meeting process

Our unique agreement meeting will in 45 minutes identify those who are "candidates" to buy now. 

11 of the 21 will continue the meeting process.

Of the 21 that begin the meeting process, you identify 11 of these 21 as "candidates to buy now. The remaining 10 you add to Epidemic Marketing (giving you 21 who will buy later)—effectively cutting your work load in half and thus saving you time.

We don’t filter…we prioritize. There are three groups of people in any marketing you do:

  • Those that buy now
  • Those that buy later
  • Those who will never buy
11 of the 21 will continue the meeting process.


go into Epidemic Marketing


are "candidates" to buy now

Of the 11 that continued, 8 will buy now!

8 Will Buy Now


will buy now

They will move all of their money to your proposed portfolio.

3 Will Never Buy


will never buy

They are automatically weeded out.

Summary: 32 Prospects

32 Prospects


will never buy

Tire kicker, time-waster, only trying to get information


will buy later

Little or no cost. Will eventually self select when ready. Continually dripping on them with Epidemic Marketing


will buy now

Qualified to complete the 3 meeting Process

How much will you make?

$20,000 to $120,000 in earnings

(Depends on whether you are fee or commission based) by those that follow the 2Objects system closely.